Thank you for your interest in working with us! The following positions are currently available for hire. Please download the Staff Application, fill it out, and submit it to the Big Buddy office. Each position may have slightly different specifics related to submission of resumes and applications; please read each one carefully.

Download the Staff Application, complete the fields, and email it to our office:

Staff Application (Download and Save As)

Available Positions:

1. Elementary Program Project Managers:

Afterschool Programming/Enrichment Programs

The Project Manager leads, coordinates, and manages all programs, activities, and services at a Big Buddy elementary afterschool/summer site.

Project Manager for the Community School Job Description

TO APPLY: Email your completed Staff Application to bbprograms@bigbuddyprogram.org.


2. Part-time Weekend Drivers

Big Buddy is seeking part-time Weekend Drivers to transport youth to and from fieldtrips in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Guaranteed 20 hours per month
  • Typical schedule: Saturdays 8:00am-2:00pm (hours may vary)
  • Valid commercial Driver’s License for a minimum of 5 years
  • Must be 28 years of age or older
  • Have a clean driving record

TO APPLY: Email your completed Staff Application to bigbuddy@bigbuddyprogram.org. OR Apply in person Monday-Friday between 9:00am-1:00pm at the Big Buddy office, 1415 Main Street, 70802


3. Data Specialist

Works as part of the Office Operations team to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities; assists in collecting and entering data for different programs and communicating that data to Managers and Big Buddy team. Applicants must be proficient in Microsoft Excel.

TO APPLY: Email your completed Staff Application to bigbuddy@bigbuddyprogram.org.





Join the #1 Big Buddy Staff!

Join the #1 Big Buddy Staff!


  1. I want information about part time positions for Spring 2014.
    Donnie Hull

  2. I am interested in working for the summer of 2014. I have had experience working children at a summer camp. I would like to continue working with children. please e-mail me some information concerning the program. Thank you have a blessed day!
    Charita Hafford

    • Thanks for your interest! You can discover more about our programs by browsing this website or by calling our office at (225) 388-9737. Available positions for Summer 2014 will be available here in a few months, approximately in April. We are always looking for enthusiastic youth workers to staff our programs!

  3. Are we allowed to fill out applications for Summer 2014 even though listings are not up yet?

    • Yes, you are welcome to fill out and submit an application, but we will not be hiring until April. We hire Program Instructors and Enrichment Contractors each semester.

  4. Are there any job openings for teens , I participated in big buddy when I was younger and I am now interesting in working with the children. I am CPR certified and finished with the childhood and development course ,I am currently 15 ,turn 16 on march 4

    • We do not currently have employment opportunities for teens. We will have the Level-UP Summer Internship program, which you can apply for in April, and we have certification classes at BRCC currently that you can attend. If you are just interested in the “employment” piece, you can wait until April to apply. If you want more information about Level-UP, visit the info page or contact us!

  5. I know it’s early but, I’m interested in getting a summer job. I have tons of big buddy experience and could work any position you give me. Please contact me at the email address provided.

    • We will not be hiring for Summer positions until April/May. You are welcome to submit an application and we will hold it until then.

  6. Shy'Aelha Taylor

    I want to work this summer and I also worked last summer but I’m home schooled so how would that work

  7. how old do you have to be to sign up for the teen jobs?

    • High school students, grades 9-12 are welcome to apply for our 2014 Summer Internship program, where we place the student in an internship for 10 weeks in the summer, and they work for 20 hours/week. You can apply now!

    • Our Level-UP Summer Internship program accepts students in 9-12th grade (you must have completed your freshman year). Get more info and fill out your applications here!

  8. Has the Data Specialist position been filled?

  9. Are the positions currently posted still available to be filled?

  10. Hi i was intersted in the data specialist position is it still open .

  11. When I was at highland elementary I use to love going to big buddy but now I’m older and I would love to help during the summer with the younger kids. How old do you have to be and where can I apply?

    • That’s great! Thanks for your interest and love of Big Buddy! If you’re in high school, you can check out our Level-Up summer internship. Summer Employment information will be posted in the upcoming months on our website. You can always call our office at (225) 388-9737 for more information about employment and volunteering.

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