Burger Bash Is Here

Get Ready for the 25th Annual Big Buddy Burger Bash!



It’s Parents’ Night Out this Tuesday! Youth receive transportation to Burger Bash, a meal, and fun! Contact your Project Manager for more info.

New Matches for the holidays!

Big Buddy hosted its monthly Match Ceremonies on November 25 and December 4, where four new Mentor Matches were made. Each Big Buddy and her new Little Buddy received a certificate commemorating the event and began the journey of a successful semester match relationship!

Meet our newest Big Buddy/Little Buddy Matches!

Congratulations to all our new Big Buddies! Your new Little Buddies are so happy to have you as a new special friend. We look forward to working with you.


Big Buddy Will Help Provide FREE Snack for Your Program

During the 2014-2015 school year, Big Buddy will be a Provider for the Afterschool Snack Program. We are partnering with Revolution Foods to bring healthy, delicious snack to youth in afterschool community programs!

If you are interested in accessing FREE afterschool snack for your Program, Big Buddy can help!

Revolution Foods logo

Revolution Foods delivers fresh, natural, nutritious foods daily to fuel our community’s youth. They work with local farmers and trained chefs to bring your kids delicious, high-quality foods. Your kids will love these snacks! And your programs can receive all the benefits for FREE!

To participate as a partner program under Big Buddy or to ask any questions, contact Sally at (225) 388-9737.

To find out more about our partner, Revolutions Foods, visit their website.